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Michael Lemma has been Director of Music since 1994 when he founded the Bergen County Academies music department. He earned a Master of Arts degree in Music from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from Keene State College (NH). Post graduate studies include a NJ Supervisor's Certificate. Mr. Lemma is an active musician who has performed in numerous venues on guitar, mandolin and bass. He also presents clinics for other educators- with enthusiastic receptions from American String Teachers Association (ASTA), NJ Music Educator's Association (NJMEA), Classical Mandolin Society of America (CMSA), and NAfME: The National Association for Music Education.

Mr. Lemma was Director of National Guitar Workshop programs throughout the United States at university campuses such as Loyola and Vanderbilt. He is the founder and director of the NJ Guitar & Music Society and served as juror for Concert Artists Guild International. Mr. Lemma is a 9-time grant recipient from NJ State Council on the Arts, for projects that benefit others through music.

Mr. Lemma's students have been accepted to all levels of all-state/national honors ensembles and study music at the nation's top universities. He continues to volunteer for various music projects and was the Educational Adviser to the North Jersey Philharmonic where he collaborated on projects that foster appreciation for classical music. He was inducted into the Bloomfield Music Hall of Fame for his many years of volunteer service. Mr. Lemma's "maker" courses (Musicians Workshop and Soundwave Audio Lab) have been featured on Classroom Closeup TV. In 2016, Mr. Lemma served as New Jersey's first All-State Guitar Ensemble Director. He has one book in publication: "Vivaldi Concertos for Mandolin".

Michael Lemma strongly believes in the value of music education and has dedicated his professional life to benefit others through meaningful music experiences and activities.

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